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Who Is 4 a Treasure

Who Is 4 a Treasure

Who Is 4 a Treasure
by Bryan Haggerty

What do you get if you put an incompetent inventor, a warrior woman, a librarian 4th class and a semi-visible pickpocket together. You could try, but you’ll find it easier if you just read this book to find out.

In truth this is not really the story of a treasure hunt, although there is one on these pages. Nor is it the tale of four incompetent friends blundering from one misadventure into another hopeless situation; although you may be forgiven for thinking so. Oh no, this is a tale about luck. With a lost treasure and a useless map our four adventures are going to need all the luck they can find. Technically they only want good luck, but they find themselves taking allsorts of the stuff.

Set in a world where anything can happen, does and then asks for a refund, you know you’re in for a few surprises and a host of laughs.

“A real page turner with the humor of Terry Pratchet and Douglas Adams. The adventure of JRR Tolkin and J.K Rowling. The characterization of someone who has cool characters. This book is all that, only better.” Someone who read it.

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