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Category: Mathematics

Calculus I/II With WXMAXIMA

‘wxMaxima for Calculus I’ and ‘wxMaxima for Calculus II’ introduce the free open-source computer algebra system wxMaxima in the context of single variable calculus. Each book can serve as a lab manual for a one-unit semester calculus lab, a source of supplemental CAS exercises or a tutorial reference for students and instructors who prefer learn computer algebra by example.

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Convex Optimization

This book is about convex optimization, a special class of mathematical optimization problems, which includes least-squares and linear programming problems.

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Advanced Calculus: Revised Edition

This book is based on an honors course in advanced calculus that we gave in the 1960’s. It can accordingly be used (with omissions) as a text for a year’s course in advanced calculus, or as a text for a three-semester introduction to analysis.

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Maxima By Example

Maxima by Example is a series of tutorial notes which include many examples of the power of Maxima. Designed for the new user, we include some “nuts and bolts” suggestions for working with the Maxima software, especially for the Windows user.

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