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Category: Mathematics

Calculus: Early Transcendentals

To practice and develop an understanding of topics, this text offers a range of problems, from routine to challenging, with selected solutions. As this is an open text, instructors and students are encouraged to interact with the textbook through annotating, revising, and reusing to your advantage. Suggestions for contributions to this growing textbook are welcome.

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Uses of Technology in Upper Secondary Mathematics Education

This survey addresses the use of technology in upper secondary mathematics education from four points of view: theoretical analysis of epistemological and cognitive aspects of activity in new technology mediated learning environments, the changes brought by technology in the interactions between environment, students and teachers, the interrelations between mathematical activities and technology, skills and competencies that must be developed in teacher education.

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Immersive Linear Algebra

A linear algebra book with interactive illustration. These figures will make it easier and faster to digest and to learn linear algebra. The idea is to start each chapter with an intuitive concrete example that practically shows how the math works using interactive illustrations.

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The Gamma Function

The Gamma Function is the finest book dedicated to the topic of the Gamma function. It is concise and thorough, covering the most important aspects of Gamma. Written in an easily understandable manner, the book is well-suited for advanced undergraduates in science and mathematics.

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