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2 Free Motivational Ebooks by Gary Lico

Here are a couple ebooks for those of us who could use a little booster shot of nice thoughts. Both volumes of wise / spiritual words are Gary’s attempts at gathering quotes that have aided him in the journey through life.

Baen Free Library – Hundreds of Free Ebooks

You’ll find mostly thought-provoking adventures straight from the heart of science fiction and fantasy. At first glance you’ll notice right away from the ebook covers as they carry a certain nostalgic classic design elements, with adventures waiting to be explored.

74 Free New Year’s Resolution Printables & Worksheets That’ll Make Your Resolutions Stick

In this list below, you’ll find over 75 free printable new year’s resolution worksheets and templates in various formats which you can print, plan and write. Frame it up, share it, keep it in your diary – it’s totally up to you. We do hope that all will be fine for all of us this year and all of your resolutions will come to fruition in an amazing and constructive way.

How to Transform Your Life by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Through practising the instructions presented in this book we can transform our life from a state of misery into one of pure and everlasting happiness. These instructions are scientific methods to improve our human nature. Everybody needs to be good-natured with a good heart, because in this way we can solve our own problems as well as those of others, and we can make our human life meaningful.

The Windfall Profits Paradox by Jay Abraham

Building a long term growth-oriented business as an enduring wealth generating asset is every business owner’s dream. But making it through the business “growing pains” usually poses quite a dilemma for the entrepreneur.

(Video) Book Summary – The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

336 pages compressed into slightly over 2-minute video covering 14 points. The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses is a book by Eric Ries describing his proposed lean startup strategy for startup companies.


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