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Category: Young Adult

189 Free Coming of Age, Teenagers, YA and High School Web Fiction

In this post, you’ll find 189 Free Coming of Age, Teenagers, YA and High School Web Fiction. You’ll need a web browser and an active Internet connection in order to read every chapter available on the author’s website. Different sites may have different approaches and designs for laying out the content, so occasionally you may need to explore further to get to the next chapter.

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Anne of the Island

Eighteen-year-old Anne leaves home to go to college in Kingsport, Nova Scotia, and finds her life expanding in many different ways, including a marriage proposal, the sale of her very first story, and a tragedy that teaches her a painful…

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She wished she were back home in her bedroom, but with only one chapter left before she finished the geography book that her mother bought for her, along with several other books, at the start of the summer vacation, Leah was almost out of reading material and needed to go on this shopping trip.

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The Spring

This was his regular spot, chosen because it was in the shade at this hour of the day. The trunk of the oak tree was a few feet in front of him, not close enough to conceal him from his classmates, but near enough to offer him a sense of security and shelter. His backpack that had been slung over his shoulder was now set beside him.

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But we weren’t going to let him bully us or anyone else anymore. We were going to stand up to him and defeat him once and for all. He might be big, but all of us together were bigger.

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Ariel’s Dream

Dream remnants usually fade, but not this one. A shadow escapes from Ariel’s dream and stalks her in the real world. No matter how she tries to shake it off, it always returns.

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