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More than 8,000 Free Science Fiction Ebooks & Audiobooks from All Sub-Genres and Various Authors

Warning – long list of free Sci-Fi ebooks. We’ve managed to gather 232 online Sci-Fi web serials from various angles and plots. Beyond that long list, we have further categorized more Sci-Fi free ebooks and audiobooks from different sub-genres, grouped according to famous authors and from popular free ebook hubs which have a great collection of Sci-Fi ebooks.

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39 Mind Blowing One Sit Books

We’ve listed down 39 of the most popular and highly recommended books that you can read in one sitting. That still depends on a lot of factors, but the it’s definitely and highly doable. This list has been curated from a Reddit’s post and we encourage you to share your thoughts on this if you know other books which we’ve missed out.

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