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Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

If you want to learn how to program, working with Python is an excellent way to start. This hands-on guide takes you through the language one step at a time, beginning with basic programming concepts before moving on to functions, recursion, data structures, and object-oriented design.

How to Code in HTML5 and CSS3

‘How to Code in HTML5 and CSS3’ is a free e-book about making websites in HTML5 and CSS for absolute beginners. It doesn’t require any experience in IT to start. The aim of this book is to show the art of making websites using a plain language which is full of practical analogies. After reading over 100 pages you will get to know basic concepts and techniques of web development and be able to build your first website ever!

Crystal for Rubyists

In this book, we’ll talk about why you should care about Crystal, how to get up and running, the basics of writing software in Crystal, and maybe even something like building a Ruby gem with Crystal.

Common Lisp the Language: 2nd Edition

The goals of Common Lisp are thus very close to those of Standard Lisp and Portable Standard Lisp. Common Lisp differs from Standard Lisp primarily in incorporating more features, including a richer and more complicated set of data types and more complex control structures.

Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning

In this book we will be concerned with supervised learning, which is the problem of learning input-output mappings from empirical data (the training dataset). Depending on the characteristics of the output, this problem is known as either regression, for continuous outputs, or classification, when outputs are discrete.

Modern Computer Arithmetic

This is a book about algorithms for performing arithmetic, and their implementation on modern computers. It collects in the same document all state-of-the-art algorithms in multiple precision arithmetic (integers, integers modulo n, floating-point numbers).

Cracking Codes with Python 2nd Edition

Many books teach beginners how to write secret messages using ciphers. A couple of books teach beginners how to hack ciphers. But no books teach beginners how to program computers to hack ciphers. This book fills that gap.

Simply Scheme: Introducing Computer Science

In computer science, beginning courses are trapped in an approach that was already ten years out of date by the time it was canonized in the mid 80s. This book points the way out of the trap. It emphasizes programming as a way to express ideas, rather than just a way to get computers to perform tasks.

Programming on Parallel Machines

A different parallel programming ebook aimed more on the practical end of things. You need to be reasonably adept in programming, and has math background through linear algebra.




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