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Latest Free Ebooks

Linux Kernel in a Nutshell

This book is intended to cover everything that is needed to know in order to properly build, customize, and install the Linux kernel. No programming experience is needed to understand and use this book. 

Linear Algebra Done Wrong

It is intended for a student who, while not yet very familiar with abstract reasoning, is willing to study more rigorous mathematics that is presented in a “cookbook style” calculus type course.

Web Design: An Inspiring Book of 6 Winning Case Studies

This ebook uncovers tastebud tingling interactive illustrations made with webgl shaders, artwork making web audio apis, highly converting ecommerce lookbooks, glitchy webgl bubbles, ui and three.js scenes rendered as pixi. JS texture in the canvas, and globally connected multi-device experiences.

Algorithmic Mathematics

This text contains sufficient material for a one-semester course in mathematical algorithms, for second year mathematics students. The course requires some exposure to the basic concepts of discrete mathematics, but no computing experience.

How to Get More From Life

The book details the status of many of my different ideas in my life as of this moment. Such as: which habits I’m currently running, how this business is doing and what a self-proclaimed atheist feels is the meaning of life.




(Video) Bookworm Quiz – Guess These 25 Books #1

Are you a true bookworm genius? If yes, lets get you started in this quiz, guessing up to 25 books just by looking at a bunch of untitled covers. We guess this could turn into a different version of "judging a book by its cover" and if this quiz allows you to re-discover new titles for you to read, then we guess our job here is done.

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