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Category: Programming

Assemblers and Loaders

This book differs from the typical assembler text in that it is not a programming manual, and it is not concerned with any specific assembler language. Instead it concentrates on the design and implementation of assemblers and loaders. It assumes that the reader has some knowledge of computers and programming, and it aims to explain how assemblers and loaders work.

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Tech Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days

This is an introduction to the Scheme programming language. It is intended as a quick-start guide, something a novice can use to get a non-trivial working knowledge of the language, before moving on to more comprehensive and in-depth texts.

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Compiler Design in C

This book presents the subject of Compiler Design in a way that’s understandable to a programmer, rather than a mathematician. The best way to learn how to write a compiler is to look at one in depth; the best way to understand the theory is to build tools that use that theory for practical ends.

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