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Category: Writing

85 Free Writing, Biographies and Memoirs Ebooks

If you want to start your own writing career, make sure you are committed to it. In this post, we have compiled 85 free writing, biography, and memoir e-books, discussing topics such as academic writing, writing skills, biographies, and memoirs. The only way to become a better writer is through hard work and consistency. Join a writers’ group. Find people who are at the same point in their writing career as you and meet up regularly to read each other’s work and give one another feedback.

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3 Free Divi Ebook Landing Pages for Authors is giving away three free DIVI eBook landing pages. Best for authors who wish to sell, promote or even to give your free eBooks away. Various elements have been introduced within these designs, including book and author information, downloads, video review, testimonials, pricing table, newsletter, download access from multiple platforms and many more. Play around with the layout and replace the books with other products or services.

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39 Resources for Technical Book Authors – From Proposals, Contracts, Publishing and Marketing

In this compilation, you’ll find resources from various areas of technical writing, including tips, book proposals, how to handle contracts, royalties, hiring editors, approaching publishers, self-publishing, marketing, writing workflows and other stories. The process for normal and best selling authors is the same, so we hope this list will help you to get your first or next book out.

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10 Tips And Rules On How To Write Better And Faster – Writing Motivation By Stephen King

This is a combination of multiple speeches King has done in the past which has been shortened and summarized into 6 minutes of goodness. We created this motivational speech with hope that all authors will continue to persevere regardless of the obstacles and failures they faced in the past and the ones that they’re currently facing. Don’t stop writing!

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20 Handy List Of Books, Websites And Tools To Help You Improve Your Copywriting And Persuasion Skills

In this post, you’ll find 20 resources to help you with your copyrwiting tasks, including 7 highly recommended books, 6 well renowned websites and 7 amazing tools. Not everything is free but definitely something worth investing into. The vast amount of information may take a while to digest, so take your time and all the best in your current and future writing projects!

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