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Category: Computers and Internet

Text Algorithms

Since the research on text algorithms continues, it is not possible to have a book that completely covers the area. Looking at the table of contents of this book, its fifteen chapters cover nicely many of the major developments in the field. Crochemore and Rytter have succeeded in producing a textbook that is as thorough as it is timely.

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Foundations of Databases

The database management system is typically accompanied by a large and evergrowing body of application software that accesses and modifies the stored information. The primary focus in this book is to present part of the theory underlying the design and use of these systems.

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Mining of Massive Datasets

Mining of Massive Datasets focuses on data mining of very large amounts of data, that is, data so large it does not fit in main memory. This book also takes an algorithmic point of view: data mining is about applying algorithms to data, rather than using data to ‘train’ a machine-learning engine of some sort.

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