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Category: Computers and Internet

The Future of News As We Know It

There is far more that matters than any one of us can follow. In most cases, the limiting factor in journalism is not what was reported but the attention we can pay to it. Yet we still need news. Something’s got to give. So what if we abandon the idea that everyone sees the same stories?

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Twitter Data Analytics

This book provides hands-on introduction to the collection and analysis of Twitter data from the perspective of a novice. No knowledge of data analysis, or social network analysis is presumed. For all the concepts discussed in this book, we will provide in-depth description of the underlying assumptions and explain via construction of examples.

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Practical Data Dictionary

Practical Data Dictionary is a free 54 pages handbook, which unifies the most used data expressions and places them within a clear framework. It gives you a lot of examples and case studies, and explains why, how and what you should do, when you are dealing with data.

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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

This book shares everything we’ve learned about running a remote team-our successes and our failures. This book is an ongoing work about our experiences as a remote team, with much of the book written by Zapier CEO Wade Foster along with chapters from our team members and other remote employees.

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