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Over 6,000 Free Historical Children’s Books

In this collection you’ll find over 6,000 free historical children’s books from plethora of publishers, with a majority of them in English, and very few in German, French and Spanish. Publication year ranges as early as in the 1800s touching Juvenile Fictions, Novels, Juvenile Literatures, Non-Fictions, Children’s Stories / Poetries and Poetries.

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Monkey Travels

This eventful entertaining book inspires and nurtures social and emotional truths, well suited for today’s modern society for the healthy development of young minds in their formative years.

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Senzo and the Sun

The morning sun creeps over the horizon and peeps through the leaves, waking Senzo. Gogo’s rooster shakes his wings, stretches his neck and crows, Koek-a-loek-a-loo! Join Senzo and the sun as they journey through the day.

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Kitten’s First Full Moon

The book tells the story of a kitten who thinks the moon is a bowl of milk. This video adapted from a 2004 Caldecott Medal Winner features adorable characters and striking pencil-shade illustrations.

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Miss Tiny Chef

Miss Tiny Chef is only eight years old. She does things other little girls wouldn’t do. Armed with a talking mingling stick that shares all its great recipes with her, Kasini stirs up a special surprise meal for mummy.

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