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2 Spiritual Free Ebooks from Nirmala

2 Spiritual Free Ebooks from Nirmala

2 Spiritual Free Ebooks
by Nirmala

Beyond No Self

Nirmala’s newest free e-book explores the fullness of Being found in the absence of a separate self. It ends with a simple fairy tale that offers a sense of how one Being can appear as so many. Here is an excerpt from this free spiritual book:

“How can that be—empty space that is full of everything that matters? The mind cannot grasp it fully, as presence exists beyond concepts and even beyond its own forms; and yet, that is what you are. You can experience it with more subtle senses than the physical senses and the mind. Ultimately, you “sense” it by being it. You just are this full empty presence.

It is this second movement of realization of essence, presence, and fullness of Being that counteracts the belief that since I (as ego) do not exist, therefore nothing exists and all is illusion. It gives a heartfelt sense of meaning and purpose back to this relative life of the body and mind, not as a means of gratification to your idea of yourself, but as a pure expression of the wonder and beauty of this deeper reality. Instead of living a life in service to the ego’s wants and needs, you can find yourself fulfilling the deepest purposes of a human life: to serve and express freedom, joy, beauty, peace and love. By itself the realization of no-self can end up dry and lifeless, but when the heart opens wide to the bigger truth of the true Self, life is anything but dry and lifeless.”

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Beyond No Self (PDF)

Radiance, Experiencing Divine Presence

This 65-page free spiritual e-book shows you how to experience the divine in the world in simple ways by being very present. This is the effect it had on one reader: “Your words are of great joy to me and very comforting. I’m still sending Radiance to everyone! It was a total ‘aha’ for me. It was like: ‘yes, yes, true, true.’ I cried all through it, and it took me over a week to read it. I can read 65 pages in an hour mostly, but my heart expanded too much, and I thought it would burst.”

Click on the link below to download this free ebook:-
Radiance, Experiencing Divine Presence (PDF)