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Category: Tips & Tricks

51 Reasons Why You Should Own An eReader

In this post, we’ve collected 51 reasons why you should own an ereader and embark upon the world of ebooks. The objective behind this post is definitely not to argue on the winner between the well-fought “books vs ebooks” question. Neither books nor ebooks are the winner here, as long as you read and continue reading. Have fun!

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12 Easy Ways and Proven Techniques to Give Constructive Criticisms to Authors

This post will list down 12 easy ways and proven techniques to give constructive criticisms to authors, compiled from experienced Redditors from varying backgrounds and fields. There’s no single perfect approach for every situation but understanding the person who’s at the receiving end is important to engineer the suitable things to say. We hope this will help you in various ways in assisting another story-builder in constructing brand new adventures for all us to read.

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