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26 Free Youtube Videos on Tips & Tricks on Reading and Writing

26 Free Youtube Videos on Tips & Tricks on Reading and Writing

In this creative world which is full with amazing innovations, it’s not surprising that various methods and ideas are generated on a daily basis on how to get things done and how we approach on certain issues on a plethora of things we do. In this collection of video series, you’ll find 26 videos covering on tips and tricks on two major topics – reading and writing. You’ll get tips from established authors like J.K Rowling, tips on how to be the next best author, writing methods and techniques, reading methodologies, why you should read to your kids and many many more.

The good thing about this video playlist is that it’s ever expanding as we add new videos from time to time. As many types of way we can approach certain problems, there are also unlimited amount of topics in which we try to overcome, so feel free to share your thoughts on what topics we should cover next. Happy watching these videos!

  1. J.K. Rowling’s Rules of Writing – Be Inspired!
  2. Be The Next Best Selling Author With These 19 Tips
  3. How to Find Your Writer’s Voice – Advice and Wisdom from 20 Authors
  4. Word Count & Length of Famous Literatures
  5. How to Write Ebooks That Sell – 14 Tips to Start Planning & Writing
  6. 20 Sites With Reading & Writing Friendly Background Music
  7. 8 Reasons Why You Should Read to Your Kids – Start Reading Young and Start Early
  8. 10 Free Ebooks to Help and Inspire Writers – Guides & Tips
  9. Custom Google Search Engine to Search Over 100 Free Legal Ebook Sites
  10. 13 Free Writing Tools for Writers – Distraction Free Full Screen Writing Apps
  11. 19 Ebook Tools for Writing & Publishing Your Ebooks Faster
  12. 10 Tips on How to Read INFINITE JEST by David Foster Wallace
  13. 10 Tips on How to Start and Run a Book Club
  14. 10 Books That Will Increase Your Reading and Literacy Level
  15. What Makes a Great Book?
  16. Why it is BAD to set Quantity Based Reading Goals and How You Should Approach Reading
  17. Top 10 Fonts for Your e-Reader That Look Great For Your Reading Pleasure
  18. Best Piece of Financial Advice from Books – 20 Best Nuggets of Financial Widsom
  19. How to Read in the Bath Like A Boss Without Getting the Pages Soaking Wet
  20. 10 Books Everyone Always Misunderstand – Learn the Hidden Meaning & the Real Message
  21. 12 Reasons to Love A Good Library and Get Yourself Lost in the World of Adventure
  22. 10 Jobs That Deals With Books and Pays Well – Which One Are You?
  23. Don’t Feel Like Ending A Book? This Will Help and How to Get Over The Dread and Move On
  24. 10 Ways to Give A New Book A Try – Keep on Reading and Have Fun!
  25. 10 Tips and Tricks How To Read More – Reach Your Reading Target and Read Even More
  26. 15 Ways to Stay Awake While Reading

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My name is John Eye and I’m obssessed with ebooks, loves to procrastinate, a bookworm and one that loves to share with the world what free ebooks have to offer.

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