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62 Free Romantic / Erotic Ebooks

62 Free Romantic / Erotic Ebooks

Free Romantic and Erotic Ebooks

62 Free Romantic / Erotic Ebooks
by various authors

The last time I went to this site, they only offered 6 ebooks in their free-reads section. Interestingly enough, that number was increased to 62 at the time of posting and to be frank, I wouldn’t be surprised if this number keeps on increasing as time goes by. So the only appropriate thing to do in this case is to bookmark the page. Formats available from this site are PDF, LIT and HTML. Some of the titles that you may find among this list are:-

  1. Wallflower by Kim Watters
  2. A Colonial Valentine by Penny Rader
  3. Unexpected Beauty by Misty Simon
  4. I Remember You by Deborah Tompkins
  5. And many more …

Click on the link below to download these free ebooks:-
62 Free Romantic / Erotic Ebooks

About The Author


My name is John Eye and I’m obssessed with ebooks, loves to procrastinate, a bookworm and one that loves to share with the world what free ebooks have to offer.


  1. tom

    I love erotics book

  2. jackson

    I love erotica

  3. Shwesin

    I love all.

  4. Bardia

    good books
    could put some historical books of empires.

  5. Bega

    I enjoyed them. Cool…

  6. sussy

    I love all

  7. alexib

    i love this erotica novels

  8. sansani dangdi

    i love romance

  9. Sanjana

    I love medieval romance & love stories

  10. Rock lobster

    I’ll have you flowing like a waterfall in a hot steaming shower of pulsating breaths of air gasping as your thighs and breast shake as your body is tightening around me wanting more as I kiss your cheeks sliding my tongue from the crevices of your inner pelvis to the succulent lips swallowing every drip of pure heaven as you grab my hair pulling face closer and closer to your garden of rejuvenation!

  11. Kanyi

    Awesome. My favourite website epubbud has been shut down and am looking for where to get new books. Lovely website you got.

  12. Stanford

    wow! I love this list. It’s great.

  13. Eric SMITH

    Amazing books you’ve got, let me check them out

  14. sakka

    I choose wow! I love this novels

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