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Category: Business

The Promotional Merchandise Handbook

The Promotional Merchandise Handbook is a quick guide to the promotional industry and where branded merchandise fits into the marketing communications mix. The book covers a checklist of what to consider when using marketing gifts and provides useful market research information.

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Agile Inception in 60 minutes

This book is about the pre-release planning stage. In an Agile context, this work collapses the boundaries between the aspects of business development and project management that haunt conventional, phase-based project life cycles. It contains strategies and techniques for accelerating business level output needed to initiate Agile releases and/or projects.

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Getting Hired

The advice in this e-book is aimed at computer science and software engineering undergraduates looking to join the computing industry in the United Kingdom, either for an industrial placement year or after graduation. You might also find this advice useful if you’re looking for your next move inside our industry.

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The Customer Advocacy Playbook

How to create, manage, and grow an effective brand advocacy campaign. An advocacy marketing campaign identifies and leverages a company’s most enthusiastic customers with the aim of driving new business.

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