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18 Free Printable Coloring Ebooks for Kids

18 Free Printable Coloring Ebooks for Kids

This site offers tons of coloring pages for kids and adults to print and color.

Coloring pages for kids as an educational tool is an excellent method to improve motor skills, fine motor movement, hand to eye coordination, handwriting and color perception and recognition. Psychologists suggest that coloring has a therapeutic effect as it is a centering activity that can train focusing and calm the mind. Many kids like to draw and paint and it seem to be more than just a fun free time activity.

On the other hand, coloring books are not only interesting to kids, but adults as well due to their calming and relaxing qualities. Coloring has lately become very popular in the world of adults as it helps us unleash the creative potential and create something meaningful and arty.

All of these ebooks are available in PDF format, and available in varioud themes including coloring ebooks for boys, girls, kids, Bible, Christmas, Halloween, fish, flowers, dragons and many more. They also have an app for this, which is available for download for iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Happy coloring!



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18 Free Printable Coloring Ebooks for Kids

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18 Free Printable Coloring Ebooks for Kids

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