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How to Wash Your Hands – for Kids!

How to Wash Your Hands – for Kids!

As the world continues to battle COVID-19, the Muchokids brand has made its new E-book “Wash Your Hands!” available for free to parents. The E-book is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Mandarin. In the time of Coronavirus there’s no better book to read to your kids about learning how to wash hands properly! A washing hands book for kids is ever-so-needed during these trying times and this one makes it fun! Kids will love their time with Galaxia and her Muchokids as they learn to wash hands for twenty seconds, use plenty of soap and scrub between their fingers. Great art book with unique design and fun writing!

Colorfully illustrated and entertaining, “Wash Your Hands!” functions as a fun guide for kids 4-and-up to learn the best hand-washing techniques. The book has international focus, featuring kid characters from around the globe advising the standards set for washing as advised by the Worldwide Health Organization. A key, underlying message is to teach kids that viruses have no borders, hence anyone from anywhere, regardless of age or nationality can transmit viruses—thus great hygiene is key. “Wash Your Hands!” seeks to unite the planet in working together to combat germs, our common enemy.

How to Wash Your Hands - for Kids!

by MuchoKids – PDF (5 languages)

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