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How to Create Mouth-Watering Blog Posts

How to Create Mouth-Watering Blog Posts

Blogging is a piece of cake when you have the recipe. Here are 31 tips to make your blog a mouthwatering treat that will keep readers coming back for more. I love to blog. In fact, I just love to write. And writing is a huge part of blogging. It’s the meat of the meal. But it’s not the only thing that makes or breaks your blog posts. There are five main aspects to your blog posts that are all equally important. Let’s take a quick look at each one: The idea is the most important. If you get the idea right, you can be forgiven for typos and even awkward language.

Your best bet is to pick a proven topic, one you know your audience loves. But present it in a fresh, new way they’ve never seen before. You can’t miss if the topic is audience-focused, as long as you don’t repeat the same lines they’ve grown weary of hearing from other bloggers.

List posts work best. Time-tested, they make a blog successful. But telling a story can also be successful, because you can pull readers deeper into your posts. Like opening up a post with a Jenna Coleman story. Or writing a parable based on Julia Child.

Whenever possible, support your claims with data.

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How to Create Mouth-Watering Blog Posts

by David Leonhardt (PDF)

How to Create Mouth-Watering Blog Posts


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