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Zombies in Minneapolis

Zombies in Minneapolis

The dead have risen. People are dying. Society is crumbling. It all started in Minneapolis. Something worse is coming. Zombies in Minneapolis follows Lee, a young man working in downtown Minneapolis, while he battles his way through the hordes of the undead. Survival seems hopeless until he uncovers something from his past that may change the world.


It’s Friday, and I woke up as usual at six a.m. and got ready to go to work. I turned on the TV to check the temperature. The news was a bit strange today; they were reporting on some sort of major car accident just west of the city. Apparently, it was causing all sorts of traffic problems. I thought that I was lucky because I live close enough to downtown to walk to work.

I finished breakfast, turned off the TV, and put on my coat, then headed to work. I have about a mile and half walk to work. I have to go about 5 blocks to the Mississippi river, then about 5 more to my office. I work in the Grain Exchange in downtown Minneapolis.

On the way to work was when I first noticed that things were a bit strange. I could hear sirens in the distance, but it sounded like too many to just be an accident. It sounded like the noise was coming from the north even though the major pile up was supposed to be on the west side of downtown.

Zombies in Minneapolis

by Lee (Online Serial) – 60 chapters

Zombies in Minneapolis by Lee