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Zombie Nights

Zombie Nights

Zombie Nights
by Tom Lichtenberg

Being a zombie, not so easy. That could have been Dave Connor’s six word memoir. ‘At first he couldn’t remember how he’d ended up in that shallow grave, he just knew it was hell to claw his way out, and that the taste of its dirt would remain in his mouth for the rest of his time on this earth’ … Expect the unexpected in this existential resurrection thriller.

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  1. Writerman

    Hey, nice short story. I enjoyed reading it. Good flow, good characters, some nice twists and turns. Thanks!

  2. Thomas

    Nice story, well written. Enjoyable read alltogether.

  3. Ian Woodhead

    Cool book Tom. Any chance of writing Zombie days now? 🙂

  4. candy

    Hi Tom! Glad I can contact u 2 tel ya tht I liked sum of ir npoks & luvd others. But never cmpltly disliked any. Also, thnx 4 the x tht i was able 2 pass quite happy bouncin round ur imagination. And lastly , i came upon ur books n Google Play browsin free samples b/c i was BROKE AS H*LL & surprisingly found lotsa free full stories by…U! I dwnlded & red ’em all n 2 days. U dnt no how imptnt So w/o u i wld hav hadda re-re-reread others i had. I even red ur Tiddlywink 2 my 6 yr old & he luvd it sir! Anyway i a book addict. Hard-core reader. Its my obsession. Horror is my opiate but thnk u for allowin me 2 appreciate & enjoy ur sork(all genres) absolutely free. Soooo mch sir. BEST of luck n evrythng u do & keep tht crazy wndrfl imagination turnin out treasures. Thnks again.

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