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You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going

You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going

If at every point that you encounter a surprise or frustration in JavaScript, your response is to add it to the blacklist, as some are accustomed to doing, you soon will be relegated to a hollow shell of the richness of JavaScript.

While this subset has been famously dubbed ‘The Good Parts’, I would implore you, dear reader, to instead consider it the ‘The Easy Parts’, ‘The Safe Parts’, or even ‘The Incomplete Parts’.

This You Don’t Know JavaScript book series offers a contrary challenge: learn and deeply understand all of JavaScript, even and especially ‘The Tough Parts’.

Here, we address head on the tendency of JS developers to learn ‘just enough’ to get by, without ever forcing themselves to learn exactly how and why the language behaves the way it does. Furthermore, we eschew the common advice to retreat when the road gets rough.

I am not content, nor should you be, at stopping once something just works, and not really knowing why. I gently challenge you to journey down that bumpy ‘road less traveled’ and embrace all that JavaScript is and can do. With that knowledge, no technique, no framework, no popular buzzword acronym of the week, will be beyond your understanding.

These books each take on specific core parts of the language which are most commonly misunderstood or under-understood, and dive very deep and exhaustively into them. You should come away from reading with a firm confidence in your understanding, not just of the theoretical, but the practical ‘what you need to know’ bits.

The JavaScript you know right now is probably parts handed down to you by others who’ve been burned by incomplete understanding. That JavaScript is but a shadow of the true language. You don’t really know JavaScript, yet, but if you dig into this series, you will. Read on, my friends. JavaScript awaits you.

You Don't Know JS: Up & Going

by Kyle Simpson (Online reading only) – 3 chapters

You Don't Know JS: Up & Going by Kyle Simpson