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Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial

Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial

Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial

Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial
by Stephen Davis

WRONGFUL DEATH: The AIDS Trial is the true story of how government lies and incompetence, gross medical malpractice, and unbridled greed by a drug company cost 300,000 American lives in just ten years.Follow along with attorney Benjamin Messick and health reporter Sarah Meadows in this fictitious class-action lawsuit to prove that in the decade from 1987 to 1997, three-hundred-thousand Americans died not from some horrible disease caused by a virus, but as a result of taking the very drug they were told would help them. Urged on by their doctors, parents, families and loved-ones, these HIV-positives took AZT, a drug originally designed and created in 1964 to kill cancer cells, but found to be far too toxic to a human body because it destroyed the immune system.

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  1. Peter

    Sad to say I’m not too suprised since we live in a world where big money (big pharma in this case) manages to manipulate Gov and the public. Ongoing phenomenon and today it’s not least campaigns to have 100% viable generic alternatives stamped as unsafe (while big pharma themselves spend more on advertising than they do on research) that upsets me. Good read!

  2. Tammy

    This book was awesome……. It makes you question everything you’ve been told for the last 25 years about HIV/AIDS. I would suggest this book to everyone!

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