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Within Grasp

Within Grasp

Within Grasp
by David L. Wright

A lost unsigned lottery ticket worth $25 million is found by the nation’s hottest college hockey prospect, Ian Sinclair. Motivated by a desperate need for cash, a scheming and manipulative District Court judge, Philip Driscoll, abuses the authority and influence of his position in an attempt to track down and seize the valuable voucher. He will stop at nothing to get his hands on the prize.

A cast of memorable characters intertwines with the judge and each other in a frantic quest to claim the prize for themselves. At the center of this fast-paced, suspenseful scramble to become rich instantly is Manny Boyce an unfortunate but well-meaning cab driver and private investigator–and the rightful owner of the ticket.

Anyone who has ever purchased a lottery ticket will devour the pages of this gripping novel and revel in its twists and turns.

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Within Grasp – 291 pages, 2.5Mb (PDF)