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Witching Again!

Witching Again!

Witching Again! by Stephanie Dagg

Witching Again!

by Stephanie Dagg

Fun and adventure in this last story in the Witch’s Dog trilogy. The Witch’s Dog is the first story, and De-Witched is the second. After she was moved out of her cavern and into a flat by social workers, Carol became de-witched. She forgot about her friends, Big Roddy the dog and Broom, so they set off to find a new home together. But Cackling Carol is hot on their trail now. She realises how silly she’s been. Unfortunately, on their way Broom and Big Roddy bump into Egbert, the wicked blue wizard, again. He has a score to settle. Will Carol arrive in time to save her friends from his evil magic? Does she have enough magic to defeat him? Will Broom have to stay a floor cloth and Big Roddy a toy dog for ever? There’s great excitement at the end of this story!

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Witching Again! – 6530 words, 68 KB (MOBI, PDF, TXT, PDB, LRF, EPUB, TXT)

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