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What Book Series Would Make The Best Netflix Series?

Whether it be a failed movie or something never done before, what book series would be best suited for Netflix? We’ve heard it all the time or even experienced it ourselves – the books are most definitely better than the movies. Pretty understandable that a couple of thousand of pages of details and information can’t possibly be fitted into a few hours of screentime, perhaps a tv show series could just do the trick.

Everybody loves to see any book-accurate-to-film adaptations done right especially since the movies completely cut out certain subplots. Any book series would make an awesome show, on the right network or streaming service, of course. There’s so much potential for on-screen depictions as well as the interesting twists on who will hold the main roles.

This could be so good if the proper team behind it actually put effort and resources into it. They would have to be 100% faithful to the books and preserve the true plots and even the most intimate details portrayed within. If done right, it would make for some really compelling TV series.

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