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Weeping Willow (Part One)

Weeping Willow (Part One)

Weeping Willow (Part One)

Weeping Willow (Part One)
by Sandra Madera

Chloe Dennis always felt awkward in her own skin. Being teased at school has always left her feeling alone… Until, she dreamed of another world… Until, she dreamed of a handsome stranger. Chloe is about to discover who she really is and what is worth fighting for. This is a short story for young adults.

Click on the link below to start downloading this free ebook:-
Weeping Willow (Part One) – 27 pages, 135kb (PDF | EPUB | LIT | LRF | MOBI | PDB | RTF)

Click here to watch Weeping Willow (Part One) Teaser Trailer (Youtube)

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  1. Avatar

    im in love with Nalin and Willow! please do continue !cant wait to know the rest of the story!

  2. Avatar

    super loved it. so excited for the 2nd part.

  3. Avatar

    Hello to all of those that have left positive feedback for this short story, Weeping Willow. Part two has been sent to, but it can also be found elsewhere online. The short story is free and the links can be found on my personal website. Enjoy!

  4. Avatar

    to Sandra- where can i find part two because i have searched and nothing comes up what should?

  5. Avatar

    love the book….

  6. Avatar

    Hi, Lily.
    You can find the sequel to Weeping Willow at Feedbooks, smashwords, ibookstore, Barnes and noble, ebookjunkie, etc. Sorry you couldn’t find it on this site, but anywhere you go, it is FREE. Thank you for your kind words and support.

  7. Avatar

    Thank you. The second installment can be found on b&n, amazon, ibooks, Feedbooks, smashwords, etc. As it is a short story, it is free.

  8. Avatar

    dear sandra are there any other books u have written?

  9. Avatar

    Getfreeebooks has added Weeping Willow 2 as apart of a free six ebook package, just search my name on the search bar and you will find the package and be able to download it. Please leave feedback either here or at Thank you for your interest.

  10. Avatar

    Hello, Didi.

    I am glad to see that you are interested in my other works. I have written another short story entitled Sangre Falls which is available on this website.

    I have recently published a full length novel entitled RESTRAINT which can be purchased at Smashwords in a variety of formats. Because it is a full length novel, it is not free. It cost $0.99 to download. It is also available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. It’s sequel will be out early next year, but can be reviewed on

    Finally, I have another short story entitled Overboard in the works which will be available on this sure once it is done. For more details on that, please visit my blog ( or my website (

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