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(Video) Why it is BAD to set Quantity Based Reading Goals and How You Should Approach Reading

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I don’t think we can find any sources that say reading is bad, hence why reading is so popular and one of the most encouraged activity that one should partake in. However, one might push oneself too far in order to reach a target of some personal reading goals, particularly in this case – a certain a number of books by end of the year. Call it a new year’s resolution, turning a new leaf or even a new hobby, this approach is definitely not a good idea and in most cases, not the best effective way to read.

You can find book enthusiasts announcing their targets at Goodreads and although a great number of them managed to reach their goals, the main question is – how much can they remember the book they’ve just read? Or the dozens and the one-hundredth book they’ve read. What was the level of comprehension they mastered or maintained while reading those books? Is quantity more important than quality?

A Reddit’s member under the name of “RedditsShrink” who claimed to be a Clinical Psychologist points out that quantity-based reading goals are bad for you and you should try to avoid this as much as possible. This Reddit’s discussion, discusses it in greater detail, but we got the best bits in this video.

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