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(Video) Top 10 Authors with Versatile Writing Styles That Write Like Chameleons

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Different authors carry different unique writing styles, which make them distinguishable and known for their specific styles. However, some follow a similar style throughout the entire bibliography with just the content of the story changing. What are some authors you have found that are all over the spectrum when it comes to writing? This video covers that and lists 10 of these special authors that we think are the most versatile authors of all time.

The level of versatility that few authors ever demonstrate in their entire careers never ceases to be colorful, engaging and a fun read, all the while remaining a constant literary challenge. Whether the genre change dictates that the writing style follows with it, the transition is more often than not, easy and natural, making them the authors to keep an eye for. Check out their works and let us know what you think. Happy exploring and have fun reading!

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