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(Video) 93 Greatest Villains in Literature – In No Particular Order

As Dr. Nekhorvich once said in Mission Impossible 2 – “Every search for a hero must begin with something every hero needs, a villain”. True enough anything opposite of good is simply evil, and there are not better group of characters to carry this title than villains themselves. In this case we’ve compiled 96 of the greatest villains in literature, in no particular order. The meter of evilness is too subjective to be quantified, hence we’ve sorted it alphabetically for your reading pleasure. If you think we’ve missed out anything, feel free to let us know and of course, feel free to disagree if any of the mentioned characters below do not actually deserve in the list. Some are downright evil, a few probably belong to the neutral evil category, but then again we shall leave that to your own interpretation. Do enjoy this list!

(Video) 93 Greatest Villains in Literature – In No Particular Order


93 Greatest Villains in Literature

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