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Under The Blue, The Blue Series, Volume 1

Under The Blue, The Blue Series, Volume 1

Under The Blue, The Blue Series, Volume 1

by Josephine Dillon

What if your dream travels went to real places in other worlds? As a troubled teenager on the verge of self destruction, David Smith becomes seductively drawn into another world. Under the Blue is a story of family ties, forced religious conformity, teenage rebellion, and ultimately, escape into a dreamworld created by a dark entity powerful enough to entrap and collect human souls.

Being the two youngest sons of a conservative Christian pastor, David and Dillon Smith have opposing religious ideologies, but their familiar bond keeps them closely connected. The story takes place in Oceanside, California, a northern suburb of San Diego in the year 1986. Over the course of just five days, these brothers unknowingly open their closet door to another world every time they dream. Their struggle to stay connected to each other is suddenly challenged by a darkness that has invited itself into their world by entering their door. This evil is drawn to their young lives and their brotherly bond, intent on breaking them apart and claiming what he feels is his right to own…a young, vulnerable human soul.

This book is not suitable for children under 16 years of age. Contains some profanity, violence, references to homosexuality, adult situations, and sexual references.

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