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Typography: Tasty Type Tips

Typography: Tasty Type Tips
Over hundreds of years, classic typography has developed a vast number of logical rules related to the composition of the text. Sometimes they are the result of technical or functional limitations, other times they are established because of aesthetic reasons.

Patterns of traditional typography penetrated computer typesetting, and thus the composition of the text on web pages. The Internet has also created its unique principles, which arose from the specifics of the medium- primarily from imperfections in browser displays and the need to show the same content on different devices.

In this ebook we look at the most important rules and guidelines concerning typography in web and application design. A large part of them are universal and apply to all media.

The topics covered in this ebook are:-

  • Choosing the right typeface
  • Correct pairing of typefaces
  • Correct formatting
  • Typesetting

Typography: Tasty Type Tips

by Merixstudio (PDF) – 15 pages

Typography: Tasty Type Tips by Merixstudio

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