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Twilight of The Apocalypse

Twilight of The Apocalypse

Twilight of The Apocalypse by Terence Low

Twilight of The Apocalypse

by Terence Low

Caught in the midst of an interstellar war, the human race must put aside their differences and unite to survive this chaotic period of time in the early years of the 21st century. Humanity has prospered for many decades, and people live luxurious lives, carefree and have nothing to fear. Until the Apocalypse. Nothing can save us now, unless we band together and fight this unknown menace. The thousand-year-old question of whether extraterrestrial life exists in the universe has now been answered.

When an Earth satellite detects a massive, foreign object hurtling through space towards the planet, everyone is left wondering what is really is, and can be. But minutes later, a robot probe is sent up to investigate. People all over the world watch in horror as hundreds more of such objects enter the atmosphere. But they did not break up into smaller pieces as expected. Then, other satellites up in orbit begin to cease functioning, and the first of the objects crash on a remote island in the Tasman Sea.

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