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Transitioning from Print to Online: Five Easy Steps

Transitioning from Print to Online: Five Easy Steps

Since the beginning of the online literature revolution, you may have noticed the little pleasures and practicalities of E-books filtering into the public domain more each day. For some that provides a welcome relief from tedious or expensive drives to or from the library and bookstore. For others, digital reading creates more time to browse and enjoy collections from home. The changing of the literary seasons, signaled by publishers beefing up E-book offerings and better and cheaper electronic readers, affect our spending and consumption behavior. Do you look forward as the literature seasons evolve? To help you celebrate the inevitable changes, here are five simple ways to move through transition time.

Leave the Old Role Behind

Lighten up and explore…

There is a growing emphasis on the need to focus less on what we already know and more on accessing what we could learn, i.e. how our personal environment can be enriched by embracing new methods of educational strategy. Although traditional methods are easy to rely on, every now and then it pays to lighten up and explore the opportunities surrounding books in cyberspace. You’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t try (excuse the cliché, but what better words to describe E-book exploration?)

Separate Yourself

Like in any healthy relationship, it’s hard to separate yourself from a worn novel or previously-highlighted textbook. However, sometimes a better relationship is on the horizon! Be willing to experience E-books and the advantages that come with the cutting edge literary format. You may feel like you are losing something by leaving print behind, but you’re most likely not. You are gaining a faster, easier, more convenient way to research and enjoy content. View this as a challenge for you to decipher what is most enjoyable, and what you might like to change.

Adjust to the New Format

The loss of traditional story hour, or waiting in line to purchase the new release at midnight can be a feeling of great sadness and confusion. How did this digital revolution happen so quickly? And where does this leave me and my awaited nights curled up with a glass of wine and good book? In order to fill the void of the empty bookcase, look to an E-book collection to guide your attention to a fresh perspective. In many cultures, the older and wiser traditions are held in the highest esteem. In most Western societies, however, the same can be said for the new and innovative.

Facilitate the Great Reskilling

The big breakthrough in the search of electronic resources comes when one recognizes its worth. We sometimes look at others and marvel at their skills or technological abilities. We think they are different from us somehow. However, we fail to realize that we are never too old or traditional to enjoy the benefits of modern platforms. Whether you are a curious college student or author that wishes to share your knowledge, there are countless opportunities to utilize E-books. This is true of anything, but why not start with a click of the mouse?

Let it Ride

Always a good thing to do. There is a process to adapting and hopefully, enjoying, the new world of digital publication. This might be done with the first read of an online article, or for others might follow the last ditch hope to understand the darn thing. There’s nothing inherently tricky about it. Without taking any risks, you can’t exploit any opportunities. And you can be confident an E-book is an intelligent risk.

Enjoy the time between, and find ways to celebrate the publication revolution. Have fun, and share with us if and when you’ve discovered your favorite E-book find.

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