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Too Late

Too Late

If you are into dark books and the emotional crap that bring tears to your eyes, you are in for a treat. It is dark, intriguing & emotional story. This story contains, domestic violence, rape, depression, betrayal, violence, forced, broken, revenge, self-hate, abandonment, self harm etc. It will also show the mental health of the lead character. This story is too dark. This story is a total fiction. All characters & even the story is not inspired from any real events.

One more thing, if you guys triggered by any of such things, I would strongly suggest you to do not read this. This book may contain some offesive things at certain points, but that does not mean it reflects my own opinion, it is for the plot if it does happen. I do not encourage rape, so I would highly recommend this story for 18+.

She could hear his footsteps coming closer. Pressing her trembling hands to her mouth she even tried not to breath. Her bruises were throbbing with pain and chest was heaving. She could smell her burnt skin telling her that it was deep this time. She knew it wont take him long until he finally locates her in his wardrobe. Oh, Lord, Please, help me out.She cried in her brain as hot tears slide down her cheek. All of the sudden, the room was echoing with his favorite music. She banged her head on the wall ahead on her helplessness. That creepy violin was at the max. She knew the reason too well. He had found her. Rishika just sit there waiting for her blow. She tried to numb herself. Like every other time she tried to tell herself that this is not happening to her but the moment she heard him say…

Too Late

by Vidhishree Sharma (Read Online) – 71 chapters
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My name is John Eye and I’m obssessed with ebooks, loves to procrastinate, a bookworm and one that loves to share with the world what free ebooks have to offer.