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To Alaska’s Dark Inside Passage

To Alaska’s Dark Inside Passage

To Alaska's Dark Inside Passage

To Alaska’s Dark Inside Passage
by John DaPrato

This true marathon swimming adventure story (2008 Pennock Island Challenge) mostly takes place in the frigid waters of Alaska’s well known Inside Passage. It is much more than just a distance swimmer’s adventure. It is the story of a middle aged New York man’s solo journey to a special place with special people who value special achievements.. The writer is the distance-swimmer and he will take you through both the salty depths of the Alaskan ocean and the personal depths of his inner world. This true, wild, Alaskan open water adventure experience will have you tuned-in and turned-on to the very end…John DaPrato’s exciting follow-up swimming adventure story ‘NORTH TO THE BOSTON LIGHT’ is also available in ebook form…

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To Alaska’s Dark Inside Passage – 11 pages, 65KB (PDF)

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