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Those Years Without

Those Years Without

Those Years Without
by James Welsh

We find ourselves in northern England during the medieval ages. Peter de Vere a young noble who deserted the crusader army while in Africa makes his way back home to find that he doesnt have a home any longer. His father dead and his mother having no legal rights, the family castle is snatched up by the tyrannical King Humphrey. Peter manages to put the castle back under his familys good name, but he faces a heavy cost: incurring the wrath of the fierce English army, which is led by the brilliant general Benedict Marshall. Armed with just a band of ragtag rebels and his childhood friends Milo and Isabella the defiant Peter must do all he can to prove that these are not the dark times that everyone thinks they are. As Peter dives into the fight, however, he finds that loyalty is a fluid idea and that treachery abounds everywhere. He has to keep his direction while everyone around him becomes lost.

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