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Third Planet Space Monkey Experiment

Third Planet Space Monkey Experiment

Third Planet Space Monkey Experiment

by Jan Atle Ramsli

Tojo’s life changing experiences take place in the subway. Why? Some error in his Karma’s breakout box. One day, he inadvertently spawns activity resulting in a network virus. It is relatively benign, but even viruses have bugs. This one has brains, calls herself Mama. And she likes to write her own viruses. First for small computers, then for bigger computers, then she discovers the Henriksen project. That’s probably where she should have stopped, but then she catches something herself.

We follow Tojo, Tony, Ronny, John, Ilya and SWAT bombardier Vasiliev as they discover the weird new world Mama is creating for them. But there are some aliens there, too. Agents, engineers and analysts. Even a chemist.

What do they want?

Why are they not in the White House or on CNN?

The answer lies in the purple saga of the Third Planet Space Monkey Experiment – uh, well, it’s in there somewhere. I’m sure of it.

What do you mean, ‘What’s it about?’

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Third Planet Space Monkey Experiment – 214 pages (DOCX, ODT, RTF, PDF, TXT, HTML)

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