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Thicker Than Blood

Thicker Than Blood

The flip of a switch gives Joe, an ordinary mechanic, superhuman abilities. He discovers his new powers after his aunt saves his life with restricted nanites. When the corporation sanctioned by the military to control all nanotechnology discovers his secret, everyone he knows is thrust into a world of deception and treason. Can Joe give the people of the world life-saving superhuman powers, or will the attempt claim his life.


Joe Vallone would have to leave work late today. Drivers were mapping out a new crop of winter potholes on the NY streets. The Sun repair shop was busy, but Joe wouldn’t rush. He resisted the pressure to keep pace with the tide of walk-in repairs. Joe’s boss had asked him to stay late, rather than miss more business.

Auto undercarriage had the potential to be exceptionally dangerous for Joe. An array of high power springs, shaved metal edges, high pressure seals, pry’ bars, and a two ton car held over your head with a compressed fluid, could slow any mechanic who thought about it. Most of Joe’s cohorts seemed careful, but not compared to Joe. One mistake could kill him. He might not survive so much as a one inch gash or bruise.

Thicker Than Blood

by M. A. Newhall (PDF) – 228 pages

Thicker Than Blood by M. A. Newhall