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The Witch’s Dog

The Witch’s Dog

The Witch's Dog by Stephanie Dagg

The Witch’s Dog

by Stephanie Dagg

Cackling Carol must be the only witch in the world who hates cats! But she really wants a pet to keep her company and so she decides to get a dog instead. Together with her faithful and very clever Broom, she visits a dogs’ home. She’s after a nice small dog that will fit on on Broom with her. But who does she come out with? Big Roddy, the biggest, bounciest and shaggiest dog you could imagine. All Cackling Carol’s witchy friends fall about laughing when they meet him. But just who is it that saves them all from the wicked Wizard Egbert and his despicable spells? Not the cats, that’s for sure! This is a children’s book for kids aged roughly 5 to 11.

One review reads: This is a very cute story! I recommend it to anyone of any age that loves a good old fashioned witch story! Especially this close to halloween. Great for kids, fun for adults, too (especially those who have children or remember what it was like to be a child).

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