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The Ultimate Lifecycle Email Marketing Guide

The Ultimate Lifecycle Email Marketing Guide

If your idea of improving email marketing centers on crafting better subject lines and tweaking the design, you’re doing it wrong. It’s just that simple. The truth is that unless you’ve already laid a strong marketing foundation with lifecycle emails that nudge your users and customers at just the right moment, you aren’t yet at the point where you need to worry about the fine details.

But aren’t subject lines and design important?

Yes, of course. But the subject line isn’t be the deciding factor when a recipient makes the split-second choice to open your email or put it in the trash. There’s just so much more to it.

What you’ll find as you begin to implement these emails is that people actually want them. A timely, contextual lifecycle email is a welcome presence in the inbox. Instead of begging for attention, your message arrives just as the recipient is trying to decide what to do next.

It’s powerful and it can be a bit overwhelming. This guide aims to fix that. With 135 examples broken down into five categories and 41 sub-categories, it contains all the inspiration you need to get started.

The Ultimate Lifecycle Email Marketing Guide

by Vero (Online reading only) – 5 chapters

The Ultimate Lifecycle Email Marketing Guide by Vero

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