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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know about the importance of having a social media presence as a business. The same way people will have told you how important it is to have a website in the 90s – it’s now almost inexcusable to not have at least a grasp of social media for your business. There’s one simple reason why: it’s where your customers are. There are millions of eyeballs waiting to see your brand across the main social networks, and they’re just a few clicks away. In this e-book, we’ll talk through how to get your brand kickstarted on social media.

There are more than 200 well-known social media platforms currently in operation, and even when you trim the list to only the most widely used, you’re still looking at 20+ platforms. So it is easy for small business owners to feel overwhelmed, and to give up on social media before even getting started.

While specific social media platforms may come and go, the basic concept of social media is not going anywhere, and it will remain an important part of any business strategy: from brand awareness, through to marketing, sales and customer service. Our brief guide to getting started with social media will take you through the important first steps, helping you overcome any paralysing fear you have of social media, and making it easier for you to take the next steps almost unaided.

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media

by Jamie Fuller (PDF) – 36 pages

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media by Jamie Fuller

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