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The Two Tulips

The Two Tulips

The Two Tulips by Ahmet Abdulaziz

The Two Tulips

by Ahmet Abdulaziz

The sentence in bold letters appeared on the screen before her eyes. He always wrote his messages in bold letters. She had met him on DABEGGO, an internet friendship site just a couple of days earlier. He appeared different from others. He was too sober, cool and soft in his approach towards her. He was very unlike the others that she had been experiencing on the net. There was something different in him, which she could not understand.

Something in his messages had attracted him. Of course, not much time had passed. She needed time to understand him. But he was so direct and appeared so honest and cute. She could not stop herself exchanging messages with him uninterrupted till evening the day before. They had started understanding each other, by the end of the first day.

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