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The Truth Machine

The Truth Machine

An international best-selling ‘futurism fiction’ novel, The Truth Machine imagines a world logically extended from 1995 through the next half-century in which a foolproof lie detector is unleashed upon civilation, changing every aspect of human existence on earth and upending the life of its own creator. Eventually, people begin wearing them all the time, thus eliminating dishonesty in all parts of human interaction, and eliminating crime, terrorism and a great deal of general social problems.

The novel primarily focuses on the life story of Randall Peterson ‘Pete’ Armstrong, a child prodigy with total recall memory, whose entire life’s outlook has been defined by the tragic murder of his younger brother, Leonard, by an ex-convict who was believed to be capable of committing violent crimes again, but could not be imprisoned any longer under the current law structure. Pete is committed to making a difference for humanity that will atone for his brother’s death and help millions of others, too.

The Truth Machine

by James L. Halperin (DOC) – 331 pages

The Truth Machine by James L. Halperin

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