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The Tomorrow Project

The Tomorrow Project

All four stories in this collection are based on technologies Intel is currently developing in our labs. What is striking about them is that even though they are all science fiction stories they are all first and foremost, stories about people. Each story is unique in its own vision and portrayal of life in the future, but each of them is extraordinarily good at capturing the human drama of the future. These stories are not about technology, they are about the complex and fascinating lives of their characters. Technology is simply a part of the drama.

Scarlett Thomas’ The Drop gives us a portrait of a family in a world that is mundane and familiar yet ingenious in its technological connections. Markus Heitz’s Blink of an Eye is a fascinating cautionary tale, pitting our human wants and desires against our ability to construct a future that we may not want to live in. Douglas Rushkoff ‘s Last Day of Work tells us about Dr. Leon Spiegel’s last day of work, literally the last human to work. With intelligence and foresight Rushkoff ultimately challenges what it means to be human.

And finally Ray Hammond’s The Mercy Dash gives us a couple’s pulse-pounding break-neck race to save the life a loved one. It is a race that is both helped and hindered by a complex landscape of devices, sensors and connections. These stories ultimately show us that the stories of our future are not about technology, megatrends or predictions. They show us that the future is about people.

The Tomorrow Project

by various authors (PDF) – 78 pages

The Tomorrow Project by various authors

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