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The Swift Summary Book

The Swift Summary Book

This is the summary of Apple’s Swift language written on Playgrounds. Apple’s documentation is great for learning Swift, but who’s got the time to read all that? This summary cuts to the chase. It is directly written on the Playgrounds platform, which makes it very interactive. You can tinker around with it as much as you like!

Once you’ve downloaded or cloned the repository and you open it with Xcode, you’ll find most of the chapters from Apple’s documentation, plus a Resources folder that contains extra material. The numbering in each chapter is consistent with Apple’s. Chapters with a strikethrough have not been added to the book yet as being considered unimportant. More specifically, you’ll find:

The Basics, Basic Operators, Strings and Characters, Collection Types, Control Flow, Functions, Closures, Enumerations, Classes & Structs, Properties, Methods, Subscripts, Inheritance, Initialization, Deinitialization, ARC, Optional Chaining, Error Handling, Type Casting, Nested Types, Extensions, Protocols, Generics & Access Control.

The Swift Summary Book takes advantage of the Playground platform and many of its powerful capabilities:

  • The book is made of a single file that contains all chapters inside, which allows for easy access.
  • Chapters use the Playground Markup Language, which brings rich documentation to the code examples.
  • Every chapter has Page Linking, which allows to go back and forth from one chapter to the next, previous or another that was mentioned with in the chapter.

The Swift Summary Book

by Juan Antonio Karmy (Swift file) – 24 chapters

The Swift Summary Book by Juan Antonio Karmy