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The Smelliest Cheese in the World

The Smelliest Cheese in the World

The Smelliest Cheese in the World

by Stephanie Dagg

Mr Smelleigh’s great, great grandfather arrived from France with no money but a recipe for smelly cheese tucked in his sock. He built the famous cheese factory that Mr Smelleigh now runs. The cheese is so smelly that it makes cars break down and flowers wilt. But it’s so delicious that nobody minds.

Mr Smelleigh is sure that his cheese is the smelliest thing in the world. He’s so sure that he tells people he’ll eat his pet skunk if he finds something that’s even smellier.

So when Stanley comes along, wearing a pair of socks that he’s worn all week, including in bed, is Mr Smelleigh in for a shock? What else lies in store for him? Will he still be making Smelleigh’s smelly cheese after Stanley’s visit?

Read the story, laugh, and find out!

This is a children’s book for confident readers, say age 7-11, but most ages will enjoy it!

Click on the link below to start downloading this free ebook:-
The Smelliest Cheese in the World – 3750 pages, 41.4 KB (MOBI, PDF, TXT, PDB, LRF, EPUB, TXT)

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