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The Rise & Fall of Spreadsheets

The Rise & Fall of Spreadsheets

A curious study on the widespread usage of yesterday’s ‘visible calculator’ for today’s complex financial close.

Your marketing department wouldn’t dream of using spreadsheets to keep track of thousands of leads (at least, we hope not). Your HR team has also likely moved beyond using Excel to manage the recruiting, development, and succession of employees. But accountants everywhere still rely on hundreds or even thousands of spreadsheets for the close, that onerous yet critical last mile of finance.

Finance Automation offers the transparency and visibility executives need to make better business decisions, providing accuracy and therefore reducing risk. It frees accountants to focus on strategy and analysis, tapping into the skillset that drew them to this profession in the first place.

The Rise & Fall of Spreadsheets

by BlackLine Systems, Inc. (White Paper) – Free Offer

The Rise & Fall of Spreadsheets by BlackLine Systems, Inc.

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