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The Promotional Merchandise Handbook

The Promotional Merchandise Handbook

Promotional merchandise is one of the most powerful mediums available with which to promote an organization. Branded merchandise has many uses ranging from general giveaways that can help to boost brand awareness to a more strategic role promoting a new product or website and the generation of enquiries and visitors.

Promotional merchandise can be used to promote any organization and any for any purpose. Users can include marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, not-for-profit organizations, public sector hospitals, local government councils, schools, colleges, universities, charities, clubs and even individuals. Recipients can be any stakeholders within the promoting organization: clients, prospects, employees, suppliers, local community, general public, shareholders and members.

The term ‘promotional merchandise’ refers to any product or gift branded with an imprint and used within a marketing promotion. The imprint will typically include a logo and sometimes a marketing slogan, call to action, contact telephone number, email and/or website address and be applied through one of various application techniques. These can include: screen printing, lithographic (litho) printing, digital printing, embroidery, embossing/de-embossing, stick on plastic, paper or domed label or engraving.

The Promotional Merchandise Handbook

by Dawn Koffler (PDF) – 29 pages, 3.7MB

The Promotional Merchandise Handbook by Dawn Koffler

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