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The Practical Astronomer

The Practical Astronomer

Light is that invisible etherial matter which renders objects perceptible by the visual organs. It appears to be distributed throughout the immensity of the universe, and is essentially requisite to the enjoyment of every rank of perceptive existence. It is by the agency of this mysterious substance, that we become acquainted with the beauties and sublimities of the universe, and the wonderful operations of the Almighty Creator. Without its universal influence, an impenetrable veil would be thrown over the distant scenes of creation; the sun, the moon, the planets, and the starry orbs, would be shrouded in the deepest darkness, and the variegated surface of the globe on which we dwell, would be almost unnoticed and unknown.

Creation would disappear, a mysterious gloom would surround the mind of every 2 intelligence, all around would appear a dismal waste, and an undistinguished chaos. To whatever quarter we might turn, no form nor comeliness would be seen, and scarcely a trace of the perfections and agency of an All Wise and Almighty Being could be perceived throughout the universal gloom. In short, without the influence of light, no world could be inhabited, no animated being could subsist in the manner it now does, no knowledge could be acquired of the works of God, and happiness, even in the lowest degree, could scarcely be enjoyed by any organized intelligence.

Comprise of illustrations of light and colours, practical descriptions of all kinds of telescopes, the use of the equatorial-transit, circular, and other astronomical instruments.

The Practical Astronomer

by Thomas Dick (All formats) – 588 pages

The Practical Astronomer by Thomas Dick

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