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The Perfect Author

The Perfect Author

Ved is an Indian Archaeologist. His life turns upside down when by fate, he gets his hands on an ancient Indian treasure. Just when he gets happy, he is shocked by the mysterious breath holding sequence of events. The story unfolds when he meets an ancient Indian sage who tells him about his destiny and hence clarifies all his doubts. So let’s join Ved on his extraordinary journey, as he, accompanied by the mysterious sage, starts on to the path of enlightment, still unaware of the the adventures that this journey entails…

The Perfect Author

by unknown author (Online reading only (Ongoing project)) – 57 pages

The Perfect Author by unknown author


  1. Rajdev

    One of the best fictional books to read, great story, everyone should read this book.

  2. Ame

    It is a great story. Good job by the writer. When can we expect the rest of the story.

  3. Rajdev

    Due to some technical problem next release is paused. So sorry for the disappointment of readers, For next update notification subscribe on site.

  4. Megha Kumar

    An awesome book to read..eagerly waiting for the next update.. team please let us know when we an expect…
    Such a wonderful story…amazing writer 🙂

  5. Taraa

    When is the next release ? If released please share the link

  6. Rajeev

    I really love the book and its characters. The best thing about the novel is there a way the architectural designs have been explained I read it once and it is forever part of my memory castle.

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